Going Back to the Start

I have mentioned this in the previous class journal that I am not a teacher, but I have”vague” future plans to be one. I think that growing up in a family with a teacher for a parent (and a grandparent too) influences this outlook that “hey, I can be a teacher too!”

Where am I headed? I try to ask myself this question a number of times when enrolling for class. I am pretty much clear on learning about teaching part, but what about learning on assessments? Well, I wanted to learn much about assessments as much I can (that’s a lot!). Of course, foremost would be being a parent and having that perspective of learning assessment would be helpful in raising and teaching my son.

Where am I now? Learning about assessment strikes close to the heart. Oftentimes, we have been stereotyped by our IQ averages, our grades. I’ve seen my mother march into our teachers’s desk wanting to know our grading system in school, because she doesn’t think it’s fair (she should know, she’s a teacher too).  We are assessed not just in school, but everyday at work, in the street, in restaurants (we are not just part of the crowd, for some reason someone notices us and passes off-shoulder judgement on how we look, etc). We just don’t know it, we just don’t give it much thought, maybe until the office gives us notice that it’s performance assessment time or when we are trying to get a decent grade for a class we took. Because I am not a professional teacher (yet), I have much to learn about assessments. Having a framework as basis for an objective assessment would be very helpful not just in the future professional life of teaching, but in my daily work. I am quite familiar with monitoring and evaluation systems because I deal with it everyday, but not with learning assessments. Having that lens would be very helpful in the cross-over of disciplines.

How do I get there? Last term was my baptism of fire in the world of UPOU. It was the first time that I paid for an online course so I had to make sure that I get most out of it (the tuition fees are not the same the last time I enrolled in UP! Waaah….). Of course with a full-time work and a demanding almost-toddler, I cannot guarantee to myself that I will be online most of the time and that I will be able to actively participate in online discussions.

I don’t think I can guarantee myself to post technical stuff about learning assessment, as most of my classmates do. I admit to feeling a bit insecure when I follow my classmates’s blogs and read on really technical  stuff in their blogs. They seem to be so…smart! Hehehe. While my posts seem to be so shallow. Huhuhu.


I will most likely still be lost, but maybe not as much this time. I will try my utmost best to beat the deadlines by doing the assignments ahead of time, read as much as I can and to write as often as possible in this blog. And to have fun, of course. 😀


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