Going Back to the Start

I look back by assessing myself with how well I did this term by taking a post test on time management, which was the first thing I did at the start of the term. My score was better than the last time!

You’re managing your time very effectively!

Goal Setting: Your score is 14 out of 20   

Prioritization: Your score is 30 out of 35   

Managing Interruptions: Your score is 11 out of 20   

Procrastination: Your score is 6 out of 15   

Scheduling: Your score is 9 out of 15   

I still have a lot of room for improvement, but somehow this term was more manageable than the last time. I could have done a bit more better, but being so swamped with work (my workload is quite unbelievable), I find myself finding less time than I would have wanted allocated to studying. I met and shared a insights with more students this term, than the last time. I wished I could have had more interaction with them through the discussion forums. But having the opportunity to interact, even if it was required, was a good experience. It finally felt like I wasn’t alone struggling to find time for school.

Learning about assessments made me reflect about my own views on assessments as well. It opened my mind to new possibilities of dealing with assessments for school, or for work (or for my life). In particular, the realization that assessments happen all throughout the learning process, and not just at the end of a term, made me more aware of what I was bringing into the learning process, what my learning objectives are for this class, and gauge how well I was doing. I also learned to respect traditional assessments, after several discussion posts arguing against it in favor of alternative assessments. I realized the relevance of traditional assessments while working on rubrics. I guess I have more appreciation for the teaching process now, because setting out learning objectives and preparing assessment rubrics is not that easy!

On a more personal note, working on the assignments, especially on our chosen topic on literacy made me reflect if teaching literature and languages to younger kids is really something I want to do in the future. I am also glad that I was able to work for a bit on adult learning, because it’s something I indirectly deal with for work on a daily basis, and the skill in developing rubrics is very handy too when developing new projects on training adult learners. I would have liked as well to have completed all the modules set out for this course. For some reason, it was cut short. Not that I am complaining, but learning about them would have been fun.

All in all, despite the setbacks, this class has been fun to learn with. Thank you Teacher Malou and classmates! Hope to learn with you again next term!


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